Help drive your landscape design project by what you need, want, and what you can do without.

Planning your back yard patio project can sometimes feel like your caught in a whirlwind. All the “pinned” photos, back yard comparisons and the mother-in-law suggestions. The front landscape of the house is the first impression and its easy to be practical and formal there. But the back yard patio, that’s your personal expression and a place to check formality at the back door and usher yourself, friends and family into the sanctuary of relaxation. Narrowing the focus on how to create that special place can be challenging, but this first step will help you get on the right path to a healthy balance of practicality and play.

Landscape Design: #1 Make a list of needs and wants

Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite cup of inspiration and head to the back yard. Spend some time gazing over the space. At first, consider the size of space and how it correlates to the house. Notice where doors are located, potential pathways, and how you see yourself using your patio space. Begin to take note of the things you will need and begin to add some things you want into the mix. A couple things to consider would include:

  • How do I entertain currently inside my home and how can I create that experience
    outside on my patio?
  • How many do I want to entertain on my patio space? Decide if this is going to be a space just for you and a couple people with some loungers and pub table, or a family affair where a larger table, grill and fire pit/fireplace would be required.
  • Think about what kind of elements you would like to incorporate into your patio space. Whether thats an outdoor kitchen/bar, fireplace or fire ring, water feature or a pergola for some shelter from the sun.

Have fun with the process! Be creative in how you need to use the space along with what you want to include in the patio space to make it your own sanctuary of relaxation and entertainment. Contact your local pro landscape designer/contractor who can help you narrow your focus and help you design a back yard patio space that gives you your needs and wants to fit within your budget.

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