Wooster, Ohio has for decades now been home to Douglas Landscapes, the premier landscape designers in Wayne County. What started as a small venture by Douglas Ventling has blossomed into a booming landscape design business that is proud to call Wooster, Ohio home.

Landscape Design Principles

Many in Wooster have partnered us about designing beautiful environments around their homes and businesses. To help you understand what that might mean exactly, we are going to launch a series of informational posts on landscape design in Wooster, Ohio as well as our experiences around Wayne County and beyond.

There is a lot that goes into designing a project, but residential landscape design has two main rules: (1) Obey the law of significant enclosure and (2) follow the regulating line. Take a look at Garden Design, 8 Landscape Design Principles for much more on this.

Landscape Design Significant Enclosure

landscape design wooster space

Here is a project that we finished in Wayne County that displays the law of significant enclosure. When creating a residential landscape design piece, we consider not only how it looks from the outside but also how someone might feel when relaxing inside of their new space. Picture yourself on your new patio but without proper hedging or walls for privacy. Without a place to fix your eyes and attention, your guard is down and will likely not feel comfortable. We want your space to be a place that you enjoy spending your time.

Landscape Design Foundational Line

landscape design wooster line

Another aspect of landscape design that we need to consider is the foundational line that centers every part of the project. The regulating line helps us to properly expand a project while keeping it in balance. Have you ever seen a landscape design installation where you just can’t put your finger on what is wrong with it? This might have been the problem! One side may have been much heavier than the other. Here is an example of an installation with an obvious regulating line that leads your eyes to the focal point, the front door of the house.

These are just a couple of principles that we keep in mind while working our customers on designing and installing their perfect landscape design. Follow along to learn more tips and tricks for when it comes time to design your outdoor oasis and contact us today to have Douglas Landscapes create your great outdoors.

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